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     We work with every type of siding available on the market. Don’t be intimidated by the many choices. Every type has benefits and colors that will bring your vision to life. However, making a choice between them all can be a little difficult. We can help with that too. Here at Total Remodel Contractor we employ the most knowledgeable specialists with years of experience to do the best job possible!

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Vinyl Siding

Our most popular! This is because vinyl has the largest selection of color and it’s highly durable. manufactured to stand up against destructive hail, strong winds and holds up in extreme heat.

Vinyl siding
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Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is easy to install and waterproof. So, say goodbye to corrosion and fading. All our high grade siding have there advantages! did we mention that Aluminum is 100% recyclable?

Steel Siding

Steel has all the benefits of aluminum siding with an emphasis on strength. This type of siding is tough enough that it can stay beautiful and inticat on a 6-story building. Also, resist winds up to 235 mph!


Other Types

Vertical Siding

Vertical is becoming more and more popular with homeowners because of its eye-catching effect. So, it’s great as a bold accent feature for the any type of home. from Modern homes to homes with a more vintage theme will look great with this type.

Lap Siding

This is a horizontal type that overlaps the following piece by two to three inches when installed. This creates a unique shadow effect that many homeowners look for. It is available in many colors ensuring that there will be a look you love.

Shake and Shingle

Short rectangular pieces that are usually made from Cedar. They are secured in an overlapping manner to cover the home’s exterior in a more traditional style. Sometimes it’s confused as one type of siding, but shake is axe-cut, while Shingle is saw-cut.

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