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Hazard Insurance Claims

Disaster can strike at anytime, and this is why you have hazard insurance. However, many people are unaware of the process and how it works in their favor. Allow Total Remodel Contractor Inc. to help you with a free inspection and filing your claim. We know the process inside and out. For this reason, we make the rocky insurance waters easy to navigate. 

Remember, insurance doesn’t just cover your roof. Siding, flood, interior structure, and additional structure damage may be covered under you policy as well. 

Steps for filing a claim

1. Inspection

Whether your roof, siding or any other part of your property has been damaged, you’ll first need an inspection. Trusting a company’s opinion on your inspection is crucial, and for TRC it’s our most valued ability. We will provide an honest opinion on the condition of your property prior to making any recommendation for an insurance claim. We never want to affect your insurance due to filing an unnecessary claim. 

2. Consultation

After our inspection of your property damage, we’ll have a one on one consultation with you regarding our findings. During this consultation we’ll discuss the scope of work necessary to repair or replace damaged components of your property. Additionally, we’ll discuss replacement materials, estimated cost, and outline a timeline for tasks to be completed.

3. Filing Your Claim

With the inspection and consultation complete, we’ll help you contact your insurance company’s claims department. We work with these companies everyday, so we are familiar with their terminology and process. This allows us to represent you quickly and professionally. Getting your claim processed correctly helps us speed up your repairs and get your house back in order. We’re your experts and will keep everybody on track!

4. Meet With the Adjuster

24 – 72 hours after your claim is filed we will meet with the adjuster to schedule their inspection. This will be for your insurance company to assess the damage. This can be a time of uncertainty for most companies, as they leave this part up to you. Here at TRC, we will be in attendance to meet with the adjuster; making sure they see the same damage we saw in our inspection. They will complete their analysis and let us know how much they will cover for repair or replacement.

5. Hazard Insurance Contract & Work

If insurance will cover the work, we will have a contract outlining all costs and labor to be completed. Your insurance company will cut a check for the materials and we will get to work!

6. Completed Work

Once work is complete, your hazard insurance company will follow up and cut a second check to pay to TRC. We then provide you with a receipt and warranty information on your repairs.

hazard insurance complete
  • We are fully insured and so are our contractors


  • Collateral damage around the property is always inspected for.


  • Be wary of companies saying they’ll pay your deductible. They typically use cheaper materials and unskilled labor to save cost.
  • We will never pressure to do an inspection


  • You’ll be responsible for your deductible


  • If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your components being replaced by insurance, it is a good time as you’ll only pay the difference

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