Our selection of gutters and expert installation will have your home standout from your neighbors! Learn how gutters protect your biggest investment. We carry a wide range of colors and materials by the most reliable brands around.  

Since gutter systems aren’t always easy to reach, cleaning them is a huge pain. Especially, if you have trees within a 10 foot radius. We recommend asking about our gutter covers to further help prevent them from clogging.

Gutters are a vital component to keeping your roof in good shape. If they are not draining properly there can be serious damage caused. For this reason, our seamless gutter systems keep your roof safe from harmful clogs and improper draining. 

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Protecting your home or business establishment is the most important purpose of having gutters....

Gutters help protect...

- Siding Erosion
- Paint Damage
- Staining
- Basement Flooding
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Gutters help prevent future problems that may occur to your home, building, or property such as....

Gutters help prevent....

- Foundation Issues
- Landscaping & Turf Damage
- Soil De-stabilization
- Mildew & Mold Growth
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Maintenance / Upkeep

Maintaining a gutter system properly is the responsibility of the property owner, or at least hiring someone to handle it for you....

Maintaining Your Gutters...

- Prevents Water Damming/Eaves Damage
- Leaves and Dirt Buildup
- Prevents Cracking
- Leaks & Eventual Failure
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If gutter maintenance is not conducted on a regular basis, you will eventually have problems - resulting in costly repairs....

Not Maintaining can lead to...

- Flooding
- Further Damage
- Costly Repairs
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Seamless Gutters, Why You Need Them!

designed to last longer and work better


Latest Design

We are proud to offer custom seamless gutters that are cut on-site and offer a lot of benefits. They are designed to prevent unsightly damage and protect the interior of your home or business. Therefor, this system will maintain your property value while looking great.  Obviously, traditional gutters don’t compare to the effective seamless models we offer. We have a large selection of styles and colors to choose from.


How They Work

Some folks have never heard of seamless gutters. Surprise! Actually, they do have seams. However, the seams are only found in corners and downspouts. As a result, they greatly reduce the chance of leaks. Subsequently, your roof and exterior paint are protected greatly. Your gutter system will last longer and save you some headache in the long run.  Making sure we have very few weaknesses in the gutter system is the goal.  Also, these gutters are designed to prevent clogs that will cause overflows, resulting in costly and ugly situations. These types of gutters are beautiful, efficient and low-maintenance. A staple for your biggest investment.


Is it Worth it?

What is a well-working, easily maintained, gutter system worth? The short answer is that it will be worth every penny. Imagine the the cost of repairing the damage that the unregulated flow of water can cause. On the exterior: water stains, peeling paint, damaged landscapes, peeling pain, and siding damage. Then, there is always the chance of interior damage. Flooding and destabilization of the foundation can be very costly .


We Are the Experts

Our team will cut the gutters on-site to provide the best fitting and quickest installation of your new rainwater controlling system. We aim to bring our customers’ visions to life with our years of experience and knowledge. As a result, overcoming obstacles quickly and efficiently is what sets us apart from other companies. 


What People Say

Here are some of our wonderful customers describing their experience with Total Remodel Contractor!

I highly recommend TRC. They kept consistent communication throughout the whole process, worked with my insurance company to cover a bigger & better job, and completed the job in a timely, reasonable fashion.
Riewer for TRC in Northern Colorado
Jenna Andersen

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Gutter brands

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Our team is dedicated to providing a world-class installation and customer experience!

Full Service Gutter Installation from the Pros!

We specialize in installing seamless gutters that are customized to your home or business.  Gutters help protect the foundation of your home, your landscaping, and prevent basement flooding.

Here to provide high quality, custom home improvement contracting services to all of Northern Colorado.

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